For Your Eyes Only Movie (1981)
James Bond is in Greece and Italy

For Your Eyes Only Poster
“Stopping Columbo will be difficult. He has connections, you cannot just arrest him. You may have to kill him …”

The For Your Eyes Only movie (1981) stars Roger Moore as James Bond on duty to ensure the enemy do not get their hands on an important device within a British spy ship sunk in the Ionian Sea.

The world’s powerful nations embark on a frenzied search for the valuable ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) device sunk within a British spy ship. The device gives unlimited control over Polaris nuclear submarines and has the potential to cause global devastation.

James Bond joins forces with Melina Havelock (Bouquet), daughter of Sir Timothy Havelock (Hedley) who has been killed looking for the ATAC. Together they look for the dangerous Aris Kristatos (Glover) who they believe has obtained the ATAC.

Melina and Bond overcome a variety of obstacles in the For Your Eyes Only movie, including an exhilarating car chase and being towed behind a yacht in shark infested waters. In a thrilling climax they mount an attack on the cliff top base of Kristatos in Greece.


Roger Moore James Bond
Carole Bouquet Melina Havelock
Chaim Topol Milos Columbo
Lynn-Holly Johnson Bibi Dahl
Julian Glover Aris Kristatos
Cassandra Harris Countess Lisl von Schlaf
Jill Bennett Jacoba Brink
Michael Gothard Emile Leopold Locque
John Wyman Erich Kriegler
Jack Hedley Sir Timothy Havelock
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Geoffrey Keen Sir Frederick Gray
Walter Gotell General Anatol Gogol
James Villiers Bill Tanner
John Moreno Luigi Ferrara


John Glen


‘(When It Comes to Action, Adventure, Romance …) No One Comes Close To James Bond 007’


‘For Your Eyes Only’ by Sheena Easton


Bahamas, England, Greece, Italy.


Bond: ‘What did Columbo whisper to you at the restaurant?’
Countess: ‘That you were a spy, and to find out more about you’
Bond: ‘And have you?’
Countess: ‘Have I ever’


In the For Your Eyes Only movie, a seaplane flew low over the cruise vessel of Iona and Sir Timothy Havelock and killed them with a spray of gun fire.

Just a few minutes earlier the same seaplane had brought them Melina, their daughter. She declared retribution on Hector Gonzales, the pilot of the aircraft.

Seaplane in Corfu, Greece
For Your Eyes Only Movie - Seaplane in Corfu, Greece

James Bond came across Gonzales at his Spanish lodge, but was subsequently detained - he didn’t realise Melina was also at the lodge in pursuit of Gonzales. Bond was able to get away thanks to Melina taking out the killer with her crossbow.

Melina Havelock
Melina had one thing on her mind after feeling heartache and rage after witnessing her parent’s murder. She enlightened Bond with the news she was half Greek and sought to revenge her loved ones.

The determined Melina, who made use of her crossbow skills, assisted Agent 007 throughout the For Your Eyes Only movie.

Originally believed to be the individual that seized the ATAC device, Columbo was a tarnished smuggler. Identified as “The Dove”, he assured Bond his hands were clean and ended up aiding 007 in finding the person responsible.

After escaping the lodge of Gonzales, Melina and Bond were hunted in Melina’s modest Citroen 2CV before outlasting the henchman of Gonzales.

Road chase in For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only Movie - Road Chase

Countess Lisl von Schlaf
The mistress to Milos Columbo, Countess Lisl, enjoyed a great night out with Bond. However, the following morning as they walked along a beach she was killed by Emile Locque who ran her over in a beach buggy.

Aris Kristatos
Seemingly a reputable shipping magnate, Kristatos portrayed composure and style and was able to cover his deceitful character. He was the key villain Bond would face in the For Your Eyes Only movie.

While preparing to steal the ATAC on behalf of the KGB, he endeavoured to have smuggling foe, Columbo, bumped off by Bond. Fortunately, 007 was not outsmarted for long.

Sneaky Assault
Columbo brought Bond with him to Albania where his workers carried out an assault on a warehouse owned by Kristatos. The attack was to show 007 that Kristatos was a key criminal in association with the Russians.

Locating the ATAC
In order to find the ATAC device, Melina and Bond searched for the St. Georges wreck using the Neptune. This was a tiny submarine, measuring seven metres in length, that Melina’s father had planned to use in salvaging the wreck.

The Neptune submarine
For Your Eyes Only Movie - Neptune Submarine

Underwater Attack
Dressed in scuba diving attire, Melina and Bond were able to find the St. Georges ship and recover the valuable ATAC device.

However, they then faced a violent confrontation with a cunning diver who was wearing a reinforced outfit with lethal nippers - the outfit looked more like something an astronaut would wear.

Emile Locque
Agent 007 was able to hunt down Emile Locque, a Brussels underworld assassin, with an amazing piece of equipment from Q Branch - a Visual Identograph. It was discovered Locque was a brutal killer for Kristatos.

Shark Bait
Melina and Bond were pressured to the ocean surface, and were detained by Kristatos, after being attacked underwater when recovering the ATAC. This merciless villain then tried to have them killed by sharks.

He took possession of the ATAC device, but they managed to trick him into thinking they had been eaten by the sharks. This piece of evasive work in the For Your Eyes Only movie highlighted Bond's opportunist ability.

Mountaintop Monastery
In Meteora, Greece, Kristatos had a superb base on top of a huge boulder. The site was the location of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada) built in the 15th century.

The Holy Trinity Monastery in Meteora, Greece
For Your Eyes Only Movie - Holy Trinity Monastery, Meteora, Greece

This extremely inaccessible hideout was one of the great locales in the For Your Eyes Only movie, and had to be penetrated to acquire the precious ATAC.

As the base was well protected, a sudden assault, from an unexpected location, would give the greatest prospect of victory.

The main access road was out of the question, so the boulder had to be climbed. Agent 007 used his rock climbing expertise to ascend the mammoth peak. He then lowered a basket from a winch to allow his friends to come and lend a hand in the battle.

The Automated Targeting Attack Communicator communicated a signal of low frequency to British military submarines. Aboard these submarines were Polaris missiles that could have been fired at British targets if the ATAC got into enemy hands.

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