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Hello and welcome to The Bond Journey – a celebration of the legendary James Bond movies.

The James Bond movie series is one of the longest and most successful in film history, currently spanning 50 years (1962 to 2012).

There have been 23 official films produced by EON Productions with six different actors playing the role of Agent 007.

James Bond Movies

So what is it that excites people when watching Bond movies? Is it the incredible action sequences? The stunning scenery? The unique pre-title sequences? Or is it the distinct theme songs for each film?

Everyone has something they love when it comes to watching James Bond movies. It’s what makes each film special!

For me it has to be the amazing action sequences set among spectacular scenery! My favourite being the downhill skiing scenes in the movies On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and For Your Eyes Only (1981).

007 fans come in many shapes and sizes! There are just so many different sorts of admirers around the world - Bond films appeal to such a large audience.

Here are just some of the types of dedicated fans you may be aware of:

James Bond Movies
  • The people who line up overnight at the cinema to be the first to watch the latest Bond movie.

  • One who owns the complete set of novels from Ian Fleming, Kingsley Amis, John Gardner, and Raymond Benson.

  • The individuals who can recite various dialogue from the films.

  • Persons owning the complete set of Bond movies.

  • Those possessing every poster from the 007 series.

  • The folk who watch every film in a Bond movie marathon no matter how many times they’ve already seen each film.

  • And finally, the people who have to get a copy of every CD that features music from the Bond films.

James Bond is a legendary fictional character and has been drawing crowds to the cinema for half a century.

Commander Bond, codename 007, is popular for his fighting skills, charisma, sophistication and remarkable perseverance.

The film series has become a phenomenon throughout the world and has grossed over $5 billion.

Some of the elements that make the series famous are:

  • The existence of a master villain: Appearing in many disguises - each film features a chief protagonist out to rule the world!
  • Incredibly gadgetry: A common theme is the briefing by “Q”, a designer genius, who manages to come up with the most amazing gadgets.
  • The James Bond style: for 50 years the elusive secret agent has always shown the ability to dress for the occasion; whether it is a tuxedo for a night at the casino or swimming attire for an underwater exploration.
  • Bond Girls: Forever an enigma to 007, the women in James Bond movies are immensely alluring, outsmarting him on many occasions.

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